Thursday, 24 October 2013

weekend plans

i wish i'd remembered to breathe this week. everything has felt like a burden lately, and i caught a cold and a rebellious stomach as a result. i don't know when i'll learn to not take on too much, to focus on the most important things first, and then the less important. oh well. so my plans for this weekend is to relax relax relax, and watch re-runs of teen mom. and hopefully i'll feel better soon.

if i'm feeling better tomorrow i'm going to start organizing my craft "room". i've let it down. my special place that i was so proud of and happy about has been neglected badly and is now a disaster! this picture doesn't even do the mess any justice, it's stuff all over that tiny place!

perhaps i'll find the love for crafting somewhere in the mess too, who knows.

i hope you all have a lovely weekend!
xo, stina

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