Thursday, 24 October 2013


i haven't shared much knitting projects lately, and there is a reason for this. all my projects seem to fail at the moment. before xmas i promised one of my dearest friends, miss riikka, this cute little bolero:

vintage bolero pattern found at

i started it. i had to re-calculate the whole pattern to fit the chosen yarn and (hopefully) make it fit. it was a slooow knitting process because of holidays and too much work and uni, but i was steadily getting there. UNTIL i realized me and maths are still not friends, and i had to rip it all. i was so disappointed! i'm back at square one and i feel so bad for riikka who has to wait and wait and wait for her bolero. luckily i'll have a tiny bit more time on my hands for a few weeks now since i've just started a new class (no stressful last minute manic studying before a test in sight, yet), which means i should have time to give it another go.

when i've finished riikkas bolero, and the not one but two unfinished cardigans for myself, i think i need to give this one a go:

isn't it cute? the pattern is available at the same shop as the bolero above.

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