Thursday, 24 October 2013

the last time i cried...

...was when i saw an episode of my second favourite show on MTV: MADE (rob and big is my no 1!). it was episode 29 of season 9 and first i thought "on no, not another misfit to homecoming queen show" but i was soon proven wrong. the plot is just like every other show, zombie lover andrea wants to be made into homecoming queen to prove her friends, family and school wrong, yadda yadda, but what makes it so great is the beautiful friendship between her and her coach, burlesque dancer veronica varlow. there is no yelling and very little "though love" compared to other episodes which is nice for a change, and they seem to have a true connection. it touched some soft spot in me and i was teary eyed during the whole episode through. what also made it great was that i fell head over heels in love with veronica varlow's wardrobe. i especially love this cute dress:

and this one (which she also wore on the show):

second and third image from veronica varlow's online shop danger dame.

watch the episode streamed here, i highly recommend it for overly emotional days when you just want to be embraced by something cute and loving! the life after made show is great too, and really funny!

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