Thursday 24 October 2013

while waiting...

while waiting for inspiration i'm collecting craft material. hmm, what to do..?

mr kitty

i got this wooden cat piggy bank a decade or more ago from my mum. the paint has faded, and to be honest i never really loved it (please don't tell my mum!) and it's been tucked away for years. the reason why i haven't put it to sleep is because i always knew it could be reincarnated, somehow, one day. yesterday it finally happened! while trying hard to find my creativity and love for crafts i decided to try small projects that are a bit out of my comfort zone, something i don't normally do. my theory was that if i made something i don't quite master, without thinking, without any real intention to make something awesome, then maybe i'd find that passion again.

so mr kitty got a new shiny coat of paint and a new tail. and i am actually very pleased with the result, and i think mr kitty is too! he's looking pretty handsome, isn't he?!

i also splashed on some colour to these wooden boxes. now i just need to figure out what to put in them.

'pretty' felt sunglasses case

i was a good girl today and got 3 boring but utterly nessesary calls done today and to treat myself i decided to do something i'd been putting off for ages. a year after red velvet art's 'pretty' class ended i made my first project! it's a felt sunglasses case and it was an easy and fun project. now i just need to buy a pair of sunglasses to go with it!

the last time i cried...

...was when i saw an episode of my second favourite show on MTV: MADE (rob and big is my no 1!). it was episode 29 of season 9 and first i thought "on no, not another misfit to homecoming queen show" but i was soon proven wrong. the plot is just like every other show, zombie lover andrea wants to be made into homecoming queen to prove her friends, family and school wrong, yadda yadda, but what makes it so great is the beautiful friendship between her and her coach, burlesque dancer veronica varlow. there is no yelling and very little "though love" compared to other episodes which is nice for a change, and they seem to have a true connection. it touched some soft spot in me and i was teary eyed during the whole episode through. what also made it great was that i fell head over heels in love with veronica varlow's wardrobe. i especially love this cute dress:

and this one (which she also wore on the show):

second and third image from veronica varlow's online shop danger dame.

watch the episode streamed here, i highly recommend it for overly emotional days when you just want to be embraced by something cute and loving! the life after made show is great too, and really funny!

happy mail

i had a rather horrible day today, but when i opened my mail box and found a package from the lovely miss marti i could not continue frowning! i got this magazine:

filled with yummy looking recipes that i'm looking forward to try this weekend.

today's not looking so bad anymore. unfortunately i still have to get back to my grammar books (exam on friday, wish me luck, i neeeeeed it!) 

but first i'm gonna shake my ass to this tune: i hope you're having a great wednesday!

i ♥ softspoken

i'm just popping in to let you know that sweet Rachael of Softspoken has a sale at her etsy right now! i love her crochet items and vintage finds.

read more about the sweet deal here and go visit her shop!


i haven't shared much knitting projects lately, and there is a reason for this. all my projects seem to fail at the moment. before xmas i promised one of my dearest friends, miss riikka, this cute little bolero:

vintage bolero pattern found at

i started it. i had to re-calculate the whole pattern to fit the chosen yarn and (hopefully) make it fit. it was a slooow knitting process because of holidays and too much work and uni, but i was steadily getting there. UNTIL i realized me and maths are still not friends, and i had to rip it all. i was so disappointed! i'm back at square one and i feel so bad for riikka who has to wait and wait and wait for her bolero. luckily i'll have a tiny bit more time on my hands for a few weeks now since i've just started a new class (no stressful last minute manic studying before a test in sight, yet), which means i should have time to give it another go.

when i've finished riikkas bolero, and the not one but two unfinished cardigans for myself, i think i need to give this one a go:

isn't it cute? the pattern is available at the same shop as the bolero above.